Recent advances in stem cell research and tissue engineering have made novel therapeutic developments in regenerative medicine. Stem cells and cell based therapies play a vital role in modern health care due to their immense potential in treating a wide range of degenerative diseases and repairing the damaged tissues/organs. Currently, the efforts are going on to advance the understanding of fundamentals stem cell biology and also to enable the translational applications of stem cells. In this view, attempts are being made to use stem cells in various treatment modalities in the areas, such as orthopaedics, haematology, dermatology and also in dentistry. However, significant works still remain for realizing the clinical application of stem cells.  

This conference objective is to offer a comprehensive overview of advances in research and clinical practices involving pluripotent and adult stem cells, their biology and regenerative cellular factors, applications of stem cells and cell based therapies in orthopaedics, haematology, dermatology and dentistry by the eminent clinicians and research scientists of national and international repute. The conference includes presentations, case reports, and live surgery on Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) and cartilage transplantation. This conference provides a unique opportunity to connect, communicate and collaborate in the area of stem cells and healthcare services.