Nitte University Centre for Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine (NUCSReM)

Stem cell research has a great potential in treating a range of degenerative diseases and repairing the damaged tissues or organs. However, research on stem cells and their applications to treat various diseases is still at a preliminary stage. In Nitte University, bone-marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC), a rich source of adult stem cells is already being used by the orthopaedic surgeons in association with Prof. (Dr.) A. Ananthram Shetty, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and Prof. (Dr.) Seok-Jung Kim, The Catholic University of Korea, Republic of Korea to recapitulate some of the events during bone/cartilage development and repair processes. In this direction, with the objective of harnessing the immense potential of stem cells in regenerative medicine, Nitte University Centre for Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine (NUCSReM) has been established at K. S. Hedge Medical Academy (KSHEMA). To meet the global standards of stem cell research facilities for clinical applications, this NUCSReM has been set up by using the experience and expertise of biomedical engineers belonging to ChangJo Biomedical Engineering Company, Republic of Korea. With state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the NUCSReM envisaged not only to further advance the understanding of basic stem cell biology but also to facilitate the clinical application of stem cells to treat patients with various disorders or injuries.
Despite stem cells reside in most of the adult tissues, their number is insufficient to regenerate/repair the damaged tissues. Hence the in-vitro culture and expansion is needed to obtain adequate number of cells for therapeutic applications. In this view, the primary objectives of NUCSReM involve the isolation, in-vitro culture, differentiation and autologous transplantation of patient specific stem cells. Further expansion of research aims to develop and utilise the patient specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) based regenerative medicine technologies for the better treatment of diseases.




To realize the above research goals, the centre strictly follows the national and international standards of good manufacturing practice [GMP & current GMP (cGMP)] in which the cells are produced under the highest assurance of sterility, quality and documentation. The centre shall strictly abide by the ‘National Guidelines for Stem Cell Research-2013’ jointly issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Department of Biotechnology (ICMR-DBT) and the regulations of concerned Indian organizations/authorities. Concerted efforts will also be made to promote and offer equitable access to the benefits of stem cell research.